Head office

Ralph Vines

Assists and advises dealer partners on most legal matters, O.E.M. issues, lender issues, as well as the buying/selling of dealerships. Provide mentorship for new dealers and General Managers to help them avoid pitfalls that they may not have had experience handling. Monthly financial statement analysis and review. Fixed Operations training.

Head office

Steve Vines

Digital Retailing. Finance Training. Finance Compliance.

Robbie Warner

Monitors all variable sales processes i.e. desking, new vehicle inventory reporting, ageing, E.O.M. inventory auditing, & Sales to Service handoff. Used vehicle ageing, turn, reconditioning & W/S management. C.I.T. management, CSI, and directs all variable training efforts. Robbie works well with the dealer, and all dealership accounting personnel to make the communication between the variable & accounting departments effective and produce results.

James Davis

Monitors websites (monthly) to make sure they are being maintained regularly i.e. service & sales specials are current/relative, pics of inventory are consistent & up to date (No inventory showing up with snow on it in July), all buttons contained within the website that were designed to make the client have a good experience with your dealers work as they are intended.

Monitors the performance of your internet team, as well as all lead providers, to make sure that they are performing at or above industry standards.

Helps design and implement word tracks for dealership personnel to use to give clients a better experience and produce more dollars for the dealer.

Makes sure that the BDC/Internet team and the variable management team are working together to maximize all opportunities.

V.P, north american sales

Reggie James

Finance Training.

All Ancillary Products Support.

Accounting Support Relative to All Finance Products.

Finance Compliance.

regional training director

Rick Jackson

Dealership Sales, Sales Manager, & Advisor trainer for Advanced DMS. Rick spent 20 of his 32+ years as a G.M./G.S.M; the knowledge gained during those 20+ years and his easy going manner make him well-received by all dealership personnel and a very effective trainer.

Human Resources director

Amy Zielke-Huff

Monitors CSI and all O.E.M. programs to ensure the dealer that his team is maximizing all incentive opportunities with each manufacturer, as well as meeting all the requirements of each manufacturer.

Monitors (monthly) all manufacturer/dealer training i.e. technician, advisor, sales associates, etc. to make sure that the dealership is meeting manufacturer standards. Monitors finance compliance.

Monitors dealerships quarterly to make sure dealerships are meeting at the very least the most important OSHA guidelines, i.e. the use of goggles, completing fire extinguisher checks, as well as a visual inspection of the service and parts departments for obvious violations.

Service Advisor training on the basic (drive) selling process.

Helps our dealer partners to analyze and evaluate their current H.R. process to make sure that they are not putting the entire operation at risk because of vacant processes. This includes but is not limited to building and implementing employee handbooks, establishing a consisting on-boarding process, sexual harassment training, etc.

Head office

Eleanor Wescott

Eleanor works with our dealer partners, and their Controllers and Office Managers to help analyze current accounting processes in the hope of offering suggestions that may prove to be better and more efficient alternatives.

Works with me to provides a monthly financial statement review (for select partners) that focuses on accounting inconsistencies and areas in the dealership that show the need for improvement i.e. receivables, hours per R.O, Variable PVR, & R.O.I. If we see something out of line many times we will ask the Controller/Office Manager for schedules (more detail) for areas of concern. Most partners find that after a few months of our involvement many of the things that should be done on a monthly basis now get done because they know someone is looking and asking the question.