We’re in the business of making your business grow—with people, processes, and systems. We provide total dealership solutions that are focused on connecting the various departments within your dealership because we believe when departments work together they win together.

While most companies want to focus on working harder we have found that most of our partners are already working hard. We want to work with you to identify the challenges that are hindering your growth and we will work with you, shoulder-to-shoulder, until we have delivered the desired results.

Listen to what our dealers and their employees have to say about the impact of a relationship with Advanced DMS.

Multiplication – 99% of companies in our space focus on growth by addition. You hire them to do one of the following—grow unit count, increase front end gross, increase back end gross, convert more leads, etc.. Even if they succeed, without hurting you in one of the other areas, that is growth by addition. Granted growth is growth—but isn’t there a better way?? There is and it changes the game!

Creating Change That Matters – No one wants to change simply for the sake of change. We open substantive conversations and ask the tough questions to help you see your business in new ways. Then we use our industry expertise in dealership operations, sales, F&I, e-commerce, and digital marketing to craft solutions that take your business to new levels. 

Agile – We are never going to be as large as some of the “Big Box” providers in our space…and that’s a good thing. Personalized, customized, and responsive beats generic, off-the-rack, and slow to the punch every time! This agility is contagious and allows both us and our partners to rapidly respond to the changes around us while maintaining organizational stability.